najboljši kakovost cnc stroj za rezanje plazme jeklo rezanje kovinskih materialov stroj za rezanje plazme

plazemski stroj

The Application of this CNC Plasma cutting machine:

# It is suitable for low carbon steel, copper, iron, aluminum and galvanized sheet,
titanium sheet and other metal sheet.
# It is widely used for processing sheets of machinery and electronic products,
advertising signs, crafts, iron garden, car manufacture, boat building , electrical
accessories, board cutting.

The Specifications Of our Plasma cutter:

# Serrate platform working table:1300*2500mm or 1500*6000mm

# 100A Huayuan plasma power supply (America original, world most famous brand, specialized for plasma cutting equipment, strong power and long lifetime)

# Beijing START control system (domestic most famous brand, plasma specialized, can support various formats)

# Untouched following system (can adjust the distance between material and torque, ensure he accuracy)

# Taiwan Hiwin Linear square rail guide (high level grinding, fast speed, low noise and fantastic accuracy)

# Genuine FASTCAM plasma software (original, can support various formats)

# Cutting Torch (high quality, long lifetime)

# Arc voltage height controller (can ensure the machine fantastic accuracy, no vibration in operation)

# Gear-wheel transmission (C-level grinding, world famous brand, to ensure the machine high accuracy)

# Heavy duty steel frame (8mm welded steel, with aging treatment and high temperature quenching treatment, no vibration, great stability and long lifetime)

#Leadshine stepper motor and drivers (domestic famous brand, lose no step, can ensure the machine high efficiency and accuracy)

Technical parameters of our plasma cutting machine

Model ParameterIndustrial plasma cutting machine
Delovna velikost1300 * 2500mm1500 * 3000 mm2000*3000mm
Three axes Repeat positioning accuracy± 0,05 mm
Process precision±0.3mm
Prenosni sistemX,Y Taiwan Hiwin high-precision,zero clearance increased linear guide+ rack

Z the arc voltage control

Najv. hitrost rezanja15000mm / min
Delovna napetostAC220/380V 60HZ
Nadzorni sistemBeijing START plasma cutting system

Standard high sensitivity arc voltage device

Software supportFASTCAM, AutoCAD,
Instruction formatG code
Pogonski sistemStepper motor (Optional Taiwan AC servo motor)

Moč plazme

Domestic Huayuan 60A-200A

Imported US Hypertherm 60A-200A

Power cutting abilityDomestic Huayuan 0.5-25mm

US Powermax series 0.5-30mm

Working pressure0,65-0,7Mpa

After service of cnc plasma cutting machine:
1.1 letno jamstvo za kakovost je treba spremeniti stroj z glavnimi deli (razen potrošnega materiala)
brezplačno, če je v garancijskem obdobju kakršna koli težava.
2.Življenjsko vzdrževanje brezplačno.
3. Brezplačen tečaj usposabljanja v naši tovarni.
4. Potrošne dele bomo zagotovili po agencijski ceni, ko boste potrebovali zamenjavo.
5.24 ure na liniji vsak dan, brezplačna tehnična podpora.
6. Stroj je bil prilagojen pred dostavo.
7.Naše osebje lahko pošljete v vaše podjetje, da ga namesti ali prilagodi, če je potrebno.

1.Kako bi lahko vedel, ali je ta stroj primeren zame?
Before ordering, we will provided every details of the machine for your reference,
or you could tell us your work piece, our technician will recommend the most suitable machine for you.
Furthermore, we can make a sample in advance for you to check if your drawing is provided.

2. If the machine problems, how do you provide service?
First of all, we will immediately begin to give you solve the problem, if need to staff in the past to help solve,
our stone carving machine after-sales staff will arrive within 3 working days (according to the distance).

3.How do you do what stone carving tools, how to get enough.
CNC engraving need cutting tools, we generally do not directly provide,
we will call you from A partner, ordering tool directly by you. We try not to do, in order to reduce misunderstanding

4. Če ima stroj težave, kaj lahko storite, da pomagate?
Free parts will send to you within warranty time, and there are 24/7 technique support by mail and phone.
Our after-sales staff can come to your workshop if the problem still can not be fixed.

5.How long does it take to machine a square meters relief?
Engraving machine working efficiency and the complexity of the design, processing depth, material processing and ease.
So bad time estimates, carved in our company sample page with related practical sampling data for your reference.